Film Credits

A film by Katharina Stieffenhofer

in association with Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc.

Eleanor Woitowicz
The Mel Johnson School Gardening Project
Wabowden, Manitoba

Katharina Stieffenhofer

Associate Producer
Jean du Toit

Editor & Sound Design
John Gurdebeke

Katharina Stieffenhofer

written by
John Gurdebeke
Katharina Stieffenhofer

Music Composed by Richard Moody
Performed by Richard Moody
Helena Rosenthal

Cinematography by:
Bryan Sanders
John Gurdebeke
Claude Savard
Dave Kornachuk

Sound Recording
Marvin Polanski
Norman Dugas
Daniel Girard

Voiceover Recording
Jeff Gillman

Animation Graphics
Jonathan van Winkle

Traditional Reels:
“Whiskey Before Breakfast”
“Big John McNeil”
“Devil’s Dream”

“Bowing the Strings”
Written by Ned Landry
Performed by Mel Johnson School Fiddlers

Traditional Reels:
“Joe Couley’s & Jackie Coleman’s”
“Star of Munster”
Performed by Bryant Henderson

“St. Anne’s Reel”
Performed by Richard Moody

“The Symptoms”
Performed by The Bokononists
Written by
Rene Campbell, Johnny Calderon, Bobby Desjarlais & Jed Desilets
Courtesy of The Bokononists

Archival Images Courtesy of Archives Of Manitoba
Hudson Bay Company Archives
Peter Braun
Gregory Zbitnew

History Consultant
Raymond Shirritt-Beaumont, Author & Researcher
Frontier School Division

Accountant - Kathryn Martin

Publicity - Tim Phelan

Special Thanks to:
Lloyd Brandson, Gus & Thomas Stieffenhofer-Brandson
Hans & Ruth Stieffenhofer

Special Thanks to:
Eleanor Woitowicz
Elise Swerhone, Mentor Director

Special Thanks to:
Bonnie Monias, Charlie Leask McIvor,
  Sheryl McIvor, Faith McIvor, Dana Campbell,
  Courtney Settee, Justice Settee, Marilyn Settee,
Dawn, Belinda, & Fred Fitzner,
Andi Bayer, Bernell Bayer, Kristen Monias,
Brodie, Blake Sanderson, Jesse, Levi & Bo Anderson,
 Heather Monias, Dakota Nachbaur,
Gage Bighetty, Diana Delaronde-Colombe, Carlyle

Special Thanks to:
Mel Johnson School Fiddlers:
Bryant Henderson, Rikki Colombe,
Jonathan Colombe, Courtney Settee

Mel Johnson School, Frontier School Division

Special Thanks to:
Peter Braun, Lorraine McLeod
Grace Jonasson, Wendy Small
Denis Dwyer, “Granny”, Florence Hamilton
Frances Hall, Carol Sanoffsky, Reg Meade

The Community of Wabowden

Special Thanks to:
Wendy Buelow; Gregory Zbitnew
Michael Linton,Sandra Moore,Derek Eidse
Ian Barnett, Fort Whyte Farms
Arne Elias, The Centre for Sustainable Transportation

Special Thanks to the following Project Supporters:
Paul Fieldhouse, Manitoba Healthy Living
Corinne Eisenbraun, Dietitians of Canada
Don McCaskill , Frontier School Division
Karen Warren, Manitoba Conservation
Jennell Majeran, Northern Healthy Food Initiative
Anne MacDiarmid, Manitoba Education
Brendan Carruthers & Linda Morin, Manitoba Hydro
Julie Price, Heifer International, Country Canada Program
Scott Collins, National Film Board, Winnipeg Studio

Donation of Gardening Tools & Supplies:
Jan Pedersen, President, Shelmerdine Garden Center
Dave Hanson, Sage Garden Herbs
Lacoste Garden Centre

Produced with the assistance of:
The Sustainable Development Innovations Fund with Manitoba Conservation
Manitoba Aboriginal & Northern Affairs, Northern Healthy Foods Initiative
Manitoba Healthy Living, Youth & Seniors
Manitoba Hydro
Frontier School Division
National Film Board of Canada – Filmmaker Assistance Program
Heifer International, Canada Country Program
Film Training Manitoba
The Government of Manitoba, Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit

Shot on location in the province of Manitoba

Copyright 2010 Katharina Stieffenhofer, Growing Local Productions

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